About Ecor Pro

Ecor Pro’s position as a dehumidifier manufacturer


About Ecor Pro

Ecor Pro Company

Ecor Pro is a Dutch company but the management team is both Dutch & English. Our main office is near Amsterdam but we have a smaller office in China that oversees production and quality control. Our engineers are based in the UK with a sales office in the USA.

Where are Ecor Pro

We have been in this industry since the 1974. We have manufactured retail brand’s products and manufactured items on behalf of well known other companies also usually associated with the manufacture of dehumidifiers,

Years in the Market

The team has been creating & selling dehumidifiers since the 1970s but the Ecor Pro company was formed in 2010. 

China Office

Ecor Pro China office was opened in 2011 to oversee the production of our products in Southern China.  Based one hour from the Honk Kong border.  Also this office is key to our third party sourcing activities in China for clients & sources components, handling quality control on behalf of clients even not in our core market. 

Relation with Toyotomi

in 2012 Ecor pro stated its business relationship with Japanese paraffin heater manufacturer not only to sell paraffin heaters in Europe but also to help design products.  Our team has helped design not only dehumidifiers but the new paraffin heaters of Toyotomi.

USA office

2019 saw the opening  our own office in the USA.  Helping to support Mexican, American and Canadian clients develop their sales particularly in the retail & flood restoration industry.

Naomi Grills

Naomi Grills is actually the parent company of Ecor Pro.  Trading since the 1970s the company was founded by shareholders to design and build Gas & Electric kebab grills, salamander grills and other professional catering appliances.  

A brand leader in mainland Europe that has now launched a range of totally automatic robot Doner Kebab Grills that save labour costs in busy take-away restaurance and meat packing factories.


Owners of the Company

Ecor Pro B.V. was formed in 2010 with three shareholders.  In 2015 and after merging with Naomi Grills B.V. another private shareholder was added,  Henk Riksen.  In 2019 two of the original  shareholders retired transferring their shares to the other two.  Today, Ecor Pro is owned by UK citizen Martin Gray & Dutch citizen Henk Riksen.

Henk Riksen has been developing products and selling electrical appliances across mainland Europe since the late 1976.  Now he is focusing on administration & office management based in our Holland office.

Martin Gray has managed Ebac Domestic Dehumidifier Division & since 1993 Managed Amcor Group, the manufacturer of Dehumidifiers & Portable Air Conditioners sold around the world  Focusing now on product development & international sales.  Based in the UK with the Engineering Team.

Technical Expertise

Our Technical Director has designed many of the best known dehumidifiers and water coolers in the market.  Having been designing refrigeration since the late 1970s.  Having designed over 4 million products sold in the market.

His team has similar experience from power tool design to heating to refrigeration appliances.  Experienced in tool making injection, blow moulding and rotational moulding designs. 

Not under one roof

Its not important we are under one roof.  With modern technology, our phone systems link offices so we are acting as one entity yet allowing staff to reside where it is best for them.

Our main office for small parts and administration is 18,000sqf based just south of Amsterdam Airport.


The unofficial mantra of the company is “to make Italian build quality at Chinese prices”.  Products that we innovate and and indeed invent have to be fit for the main purpose.  Bells and whistles are secondary to the main function and the appliance must be absolutely safe.  After many years in the electrical and electronics industry, we see how some manufactures cut corners to save cost. That we would never do.  Often we design in safety at additional cost but without a marketing or sales opportunity.  Simply, we believe if a product works well it will ultimately sell itself.

We have a relatively small team for our company turnover but very few people leave to go elsewhere and that means we have a team that generally knows what they are doing when it comes to producing great drying equipment.


Candid Snap of Two of Our Engineers

dehumidifier engineers of ecorpro


Ecor Pro Company Summary


1974 – Naomi Grills Holland formed

2010 – Ecor Pro Holland formed

2010 – UK Engineering Department

2011 – UK production site opens

2012 – Ecor Pro China office opens

2012 – Toyotomi Japan collaboration

2015 – All production moved to China

2015 – Naomi Grills & Ecor Pro merge

2019 – Ecor Pro USA office opens

Mission : To design in the UK professional refrigeration, heating & dehumidifying equipment while manufacturing with partners in China using our own tooling.  Those products we sell worldwide to trade brands, wholesalers & retailers.