EPD170LGR Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier with Water Pump

European 220V/50 Hz 580W 2.6A(R290 refrigerant) or North American 110V/60 Hz 720W 6.5A (R410a refrigerant) alternatives.  Floor standing on 4 feet with 2 wheels and drag folding handle. Stackable refrigerant dehumidifier,  rotor moulded plastic casing with electronic controls.  Side air outlet can be ducted to focus dry air;  over 170 Pints / 80 litres maximum extraction at maximum temperatures and humidity.  Power rated at  – Operating range from 4°C/40°F up 40°C/104°F.  Integral pump with  maximum  water height of 11ft / 3.5m.  One fan speed with 420 m3/hr / 247 cfm air volume capacity. Sound rated at 55dB. Hose length 40ft / 12m cord length 15ft / 5m


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Focus Flood Drying

Seal the drying tent to neutrally pressure dry or in the tent for neutral pressure drying saving time, money and carbon footprint
Positive Pressure Outside

Neutral Pressure Inside

How to set up a drying tent


Ideal for Restoration Industry & Construction Industry

80 Litre / 170 Pint Low Grain Refrigerant Compressor Dehumidifier 220V / 50Hz & 110V 60Hz versions

Integral pump lifting water to 3.5m / 11ft

Free Standing. Can be stacked. Folding drag handle 

Will dry 247 and dry up to +38°C/100°F.  Will stop working at +4°C / 40°F. Used in a wide variety of commercial applications where temperatures are likely to be over +25°C / 77°C. Especially designed for flood applications and drying building work, paint or plaster quicker.Very easy to access the internal parts for any service needed. Comes with drainage hose 40ft / 12m long that push fits onto the protected spigot.  Easy to plug / unplug the power cord for easy storage or to replace the power cord if damaged

Rotor Moulded Plastic Construction

Electronic controls are accessible from the front. Measures run time and amps used for easy calculation of energy costs.  EU versions come with 220 commercial water resistant plug.  North American models come with standard domestic plug.Energy efficient with optimum compressor operating times based on an internal microprocessor calculation to optimize performance.One easy connect drain hole with screw tread for secure connection

Side Dry Air Out for Focus Drying 

Allows focus drying in tented areas with ducting.  Perfect to save energy costs and faster drying times.

Parts Associated

Features Explained

Extraction – R410a Version North America 110V 60Hz
170 pints/day (95°F RH95%)
135 pints/day (86°F RH80%)
80 pints/day (80°F RH60%)

Extraction – R290a Version Europe 220V 50Hz
80 L/day (35°C RH95%)
55 L/day (30°C RH80%)
35 L/day (27°C RH60%)

Wire Mesh & Carbon Filter – In tough aluminium extrusion outer filter frame that is lockable in position with small screw driver.  Easy to clean and durable
Easy Repair – Side panels and top cover easily remove to gain full access to the drain tray and water pump and other electrical parts for repair and maintenance
On Four Grey Rubber Feet and Two Wheels for Easy Dragging – Low profile feel that air stacking and ensure stability but will not interfere with dragging the unit over uneven floors or up steps
One Fan Speed – The fan setting fixed for maximum performance.  420 m3/hr / 247 cfm air volume capacity
Power Supply – 220V 50Hz also  version or 110V/60Hz
Auto Reset – If there is an interruption to the power supply, the dehumidifier will resume automatically No humidistat option
Drainage – Pump drained through a standard push fit connector.  On and off in a few seconds.  Recessed so less chance of damage in transport. Water pump can pump to a height of 11ft / 3.5m. Used with 0.25″ / 7mm hose pipe 5m / 25′
Power Cord – Easy to replace kettle lead power cord for easy transportation and changing if the power cord becomes damaged.  European version come with commercial plug.  North American versions come with standard domestic plug

Need to know efficientcy?

Weight 31.5 kg
Dimensions 415 × 520 × 620 cm
(L x W x H)-(weight)

Nett 560 x 345 x 450mm – 29.2 kg
Gross 620 x 415 x 520mm – 31.5kg
Nett 13.6 x 22.0 x 17.7 – 66.0 lbs
Gross 14.7" x 31.5" x 19.6" – 72 lbs


Low Grain Refrigerant / Compressor

Max Extract

80 Litres / 170 pints

Power / Plug / Cord length

25' / 5m

Colour / Material

Dark Grey / Yellow Moulded Plastic

Duct Sizes

Adaptor provided for inputting adding 175mm / 7" duct

Swimming Pool Ready


Humidistat Inside / Humidistat Option


Carrying Handle / Water Container / Power Cord Length

2 grip points each side / No / 15' / 5m

Fan Speeds / Sound

1 / 55dB

Operting Temperature

Plus 4°C/39°F to plus 38°C/100°F

Power Out Restart / Works From DC-AC Coverter

Yes / No

Airflow m3/hr - cfm

420 – 247


Rotational Moulded Polyethylene & Polypropylene mix



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