EPD30-PRO DryFan 30 Pt Stainless Steel Desiccant Dehumidifier

120V supply 60 Hz that can be run off a 12V DC-110V AC converters ), auto power reset in case of power supply interruption. Smallest 17 pints desiccant dehumidifier in the market using “3-hole” technology. Operating range from -4°F up 104°F maximum room temperature for continuous drying applications, built-in humidistat container, and an optional remote humidistat can be added by way of using a simple plug-in low voltage jack plug. Very quiet fan operation at 40dB ideal for small spaces, with 61 CFM air volume capacity (53 CFM – exhaust / 8 CFM regen air flow). Compact, all metal construction inside and outside designed for longevity, flat carrying handle that can be extended to allow easy transport and mobility, and anti-scratch four plastic feet that can be swivelled out to make four anchor points so that the unit can be mounted with suitable screws to walls/ceilings or simply fastened down onto a surface. IP24 rating which means the unit can still operate even in more damp conditions. Reticulated and easy-to-clean dust filter in metal frame to prevent particulates from entering the unit and impeding performance. Duct AIR-IN option is fitted with a metal duct flange on the filter grill to allow for an external 5″ duct to draw in the air from a more remote point, concentrate the most damp air into the unit to be dried if needed. An additional flange can be added to the AIR-OUT but is not provided with the unit. Exhaust duct made easy for permanent installation by plumber or a home DIY person using standard waste pipe 1.61 inch diameter fittings. Easy repair and maintenance, fast access to replace cord sets and worn-out parts Lightweight at 11 lbs. and comes with 15 ft. long power cord, minimizing the use of an extension cord when placed in an area where power outlet is limited 49dB Process air in 5″ – Exhaust air 1.5″

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The EPD30-PRO dehumidifier is an industrial-grade desiccant dehumidifier designed for specific applications such as maintaining the moisture in an attic, crawl space, garage or for storage of items moisture affected. Here are some key features and advantages of the EPD30-PRO dehumidifier:

  1. Moisture Venting: Unlike traditional dehumidifiers that collect water in a reservoir, the EPD30-PRO dehumidifier vents away moisture, even upwards. This feature eliminates the need for emptying water tanks and allows continuous operation without interruption.
  2. Desiccant Technology: The EPD30-PRO utilizes desiccant technology, which is effective in drying air even at low temperatures. It is capable of drying down to -20°C/-4°F and operates efficiently in temperatures up to 40°C/104°F. This makes it suitable for challenging environments where traditional compressor-based dehumidifiers may struggle.
  3. Compact and Durable Design: The EPD30-PRO features a 316 stainless steel construction, providing salt resistance, durability and resilience. Despite its small size, it has a capacity equivalent to a 30-pint compressor dehumidifier at 68°F, making it highly efficient.
  4. Portability and Versatility: The EPD30-PRO dehumidifier is designed for easy transportation, with carrying handle allowing one person to move it around conveniently. It can be used as a free-standing unit or installed in a fixed location, depending on the specific requirements.
  5. Efficient Energy Usage: The EPD30-PRO has self-regulating energy usage, adapting to air pressure differences and optimizing power consumption to ensure effective drying while minimizing energy waste.
  6. Ducting Options: The dehumidifier features three holes, allowing for flexible ducting options. The input process air is dust filtered and dried, and the wet air exhaust can be ducted out using a 40mm/1.5″ duct. Additionally, the input air can be ducted in and out with a 125mm/5″ duct, providing further flexibility for installation and air circulation. Majority of cases it will be simply placed in the room needing to be kept dry.

According to Ecor Pro’s research, the EPD30-PRO is claimed to be significantly faster at drying buildings at low temperatures compared to traditional compressor dehumidifiers, with estimated drying times being 4-7 times quicker. This can be beneficial in scenarios where time is a crucial factor, such as flood restoration or building maintenance.

It’s important to note that the specific capabilities and performance of the EPD30-PRO dehumidifier may vary based on operating conditions and the environment in which it is used. It is advisable to consult the Ecor Pro specifications and guidelines to ensure it suits your specific requirements.


Features Explained

Highly Compact – Smallest 17 Pint dehumidifier in the market.

Dust Filter – Simple reticulated dust filter in metal frame. Hence, ability to be shakened clean or easily replaced. Prevents dust particles entering the unit, impeding performance.
Easy Repair – Furthermore, maintenance and eventual repair have been thought through. Simple to remove cover. Effortless access to replace cord sets or warn parts by a qualified persons quickly. Lifetime of the dehumidifier prolonged.
On Four Feet – Design-patented anti scratch plastic feet. Used as anchor points for the dehumidifier.
Carrying Handle – Easy to carry by one person. Removable handle for installation, replaced by a top lid without the handle.
Humidistat Connection – Internal humidistat fitted already. Possibility to put on an external humidistat. Jack plug connector is on the external humidistat, EPHUM24DF. EPHUM24DF remotely switches the dehumidifier on an off automatically when the dehumidifier is concealed or ducted in position.

Perfect for any climate.

Duct Air-In & Out – Dehumidifier has all ducts fitted with flanges. Allows ducting to be added with 125mm / 5″ hard or flexible ducting.

Wet Air Exhaust – One internal fan. Moisture is vented away. Allows it to work in colder temperatures, for instance. Moisture purged from the system by 15% of the process air. Dries with a slight negative pressure.
“Three Hole System” – One inlet and two outlets.
Moreover, note that the EPD50 dehumidifiers have a process air outlet flange. The EPD30 models do not. Hence, this allows dry air to be ducted into a space.
Power Supply – 110V supply 60Hz.
Auto Reset – Dehumidifier will continue to operate as soon as the power has been returned when interrupted. Perfect in locations where the there is a “dirty” power supply that can affect other electronically controlled products.
All Metal Construction – Stainless steel metal inside & outside. Thus, designed for longevity.
5m / 15′ Power Cord – No need to join cables when placed for instance in crawl spaces or lofts in the home, for example.

Dehumidifier Installation

This is a 3-Hole dehumidifier meaning that there is one  fan inside.  It is a Axial fan unlike the other larger units in the range.  Axial fans have the advantage of needing less power but have less fan pressure.  Fan pressure is needed to force through ducting.  That is why there is no ducting flange on the outlet of this unit.  Part of the dried process air is turned around, heated and used to purge the internal adsorption wheel of moisture that can be then vented away.

Moisture is "vented away".  No water is produced.  The moist air is vented to the outside or moved to another area that is well ventilated. Most common installation. If the machine is in the room being dried the internal humidistat can be used to regulate humidity.  If ducted and outside the room or house being dried an external humidistat may be needed.

Perfect for crawl space areas or attic areas.  Close openings to the crawl space and the unit will regulate the humidity.  Use ducting to help spread the dry air around the crawl space area.
Recirculating the air to be dried gives a compound effect and gives faster drying.  This system is a "Negative Pressure" system.   Air has to replace the air that has been exhausted.  In a normal home air is actually being replaced  frequently typically 2.5 times per hour. No home is air tight.
The machine can just be put in any room such as a garage.  Here the larger model is shown but in smaller garages it can be sufficient.  Moisture is simply vented away.  To read more about garages see here

Used on Boats as a "Carry on" or Installed

Used in many areas on boats.  Read More
Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 19 cm
(L x W x H)-(weight)

7.87" x 7.87" x 7.87" – 10.58 lbs



Max Extract


Power / Plug / Cord length

350W, 110V, 60Hz, 2.9A / Yes US


UPC 860001398014

Colour / Material

Stainless Steel

Duct Sizes

40mm (1.5")-125mm (5")

Swimming Pool Ready


Humidistat Inside / Humidistat Option


Carrying Handle / Water Container / Power Cord Length

Yes / No / 15"

Fan Speeds / Sound

1 / 49dB

Operting Temperature

Minus 4?F to plus 104?F

Power Out Restart / Works From DC-AC Coverter

Yes / Yes

Airflow CFM


Power Out Restart


Works From DC-AC Coverter


Water Tank