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Ecor Pro FAQs

Ecor Pro is a Dutch company but the management team is both Dutch & English. Our main office is near Amsterdam but we have a smaller office in China that oversees production and quality control. Our engineers are based in the UK.

We have been in this industry since the 1974. We have manufactured retail brand’s products and manufactured items on behalf of well known other companies also usually associated with the manufacture of dehumidifiers,

We sell products throughout Europe to retailers and wholesalers.  Mail us below to find out the closest retailer.  If there is not a retailer in your country we will be able to arrange a direct order to you.

Yes. We have 110V / 60 Hz dehumidifiers for the USA and Canadian markets with stocks in place with retailers.  See our list of retailers here

Safety is our number one concern. Every electrical appliance can go wrong so we pride ourselves in making probably the safest range of dehumidifiers for the home and for businesses. Often our models have levels of safety beyond the norm.  All items comply to European & North American safety standards with CE & ETL/CETL certificates

Every product in this website has a rule of thumb guide for selecting the right dehumidifier for the application in the category section.  Usually a product will have one or more product videos to help select the right unit too.

Warranty will vary by country and customers we supply have their own warranty procedures backed by Ecor Pro .  We do not cover misuse of the product or natural wear such as a new filters.

Boat conditions are very specific.Temperatures can be even below freezing, the boats move a lot and there are many parts or compartments of the boat to keep free from humidity.  We generally recommend that commercial grade low temperature units are used for the applications.  These have part numbers starting with “DH”.  In addition, insurance companies for boats are beginning to insist on commercial grade products used on boats following some fires on boats with dehumidifiers meant for the domestic market.

Our Technical Director summed up this answer really well. He has been designing dehumidifiers for over 40 years and said “Its where the market has to go”.  Commercial grade dehumidifiers are designed to run all day and every day usually without any need to empty water.  Just keep the air filter clean periodically.  We make domestic grade dehumidifiers and they are widely considered the safest domestic dehumidifiers in the market.  However, even we would advocate any unattended use of dehumidifiers only being with our commercial Grade dehumidifiers with part numbers starting with letters “D”, “B” or “L” 

Despite these units being industrial in appearance they can be hidden often out of sight through ducting or positioned remotely.

Apart from ensuring filters are kept clean,  As with any refrigerant or “compressor” dehumidifier by any manufacturer, compressor dehumidifiers need topping with gas by a qualified engineer every few years. They also need the drainage hole kept clear of mould and dust which can block the drain sometimes and cause secondary flooding

Smaller compressor dehumidifiers (usually all in one units with integral water containers)  for the home will need cleaning also of mould and dust. Small  domestic dehumidifiers can not be regassed economically. If gas has reduced in the unit they may not extract water or ill increase in temperature quickly.If the temperature from the unit increases like this turn off immediately.

A desiccant commercial grade dehumidifier may only need to have the internal parts vacuumed/air blasted of dust by a qualified person able to remove the outer cover which is relatively inexpensive.

The biggest failure rates are with electronic components. Leaking of gas in compressor dehumidifiers with transport cracking internal copper pipes even moving them around the house.

A commercial desiccant system is relatively simple in operation.The wheel inside may need changing every 5 years to maintain performance.

For sure commercial grade units are designed to work a lot longer than domestic items in the same environment. Commercial items have been reported running for almost 30 years but that is exceptional.

A lot will be down to whether;
– The dehumidifier is moved often (transport can damage internal components)
– Ambient temperature the dehumidifier is working in (Hotter the climate the more strain is put on the compressor system)
– Care is taken to ensure the dehumidifiers are regularly cleaned and serviced
– How long the ducting is or how much stress is put on the internal components 

All the dehumidifiers have a fan and all fans make some noise.

Some of the fans in Ecor Pro dehumidifiers are even patented.  When ducted, dehumidifiers need more powerful fans to drive the air..  Ecor Pro dehumidifiers are often designed to be hidden away out of site and there are many ways to quieten the sound from the fan.

We understand the sound of a fan is key to customer’s product experience so we try to keep them as silent as possible yet still perform.  Specially designed “Fluted Fans” in our range that most other dehumidifiers don’t have making Ecor pro units relatively quiet.

All dehumidifiers are designed by our own engineers in the UK. The design team has almost 200 years of design experience between them.

Products now are all made in the PRoC to give better cost saving to the exact design we made in the UK in our own production facility in England until only a few few years ago.

Contrary to the thought that European dehumidifiers are made better if actually made in Europe, our products actually increased in specification when the production was transferred.  Not only that, we also decreased the price to give probably the most cost effective dehumidifier range in the market for professional grade dehumidifiers of similar performance.

Yes, our factories for dehumidifiers are in Southern China.  Main factories are only 2 hours from Hong Kong

We work in several ways for payments.  If a client is looking for their own brand then the goods will be made against a proforma.  Stocks in countries that we sell to wholesalers and trade customers are also usually paid on proforma unless a trade account is agreed with our insurance companies.


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