Industry recognition for our green approach

Our goal at Ecor Pro is to help businesses and individuals affected by flooding get back to normal as quickly as possible using energy-efficient, environmentally friendly dehumidifiers.

As leaders in our field, we are members of the British Damage Management Association (BDMA), whose well-respected publication, The Standard, featured our eco-friendly desiccant dehumidifiers in its Conference 2022 publication.

The feature pointed out that with energy prices rising steadily, choosing a low-energy dehumidifier from Ecor Pro to restore a flooded home or business is not just good for the environment but good for the bottom line.

Damage management specialists are increasingly looking to reduce costs and are also under pressure to highlight their ‘green’ credentials, which makes choosing the right dehumidifier for the job more important than ever.

The article quotes managing director Martin Gray as pointing out: “We’ve done the calculations and we can prove that our desiccant range of dehumidifiers has a lower energy cost in relation to the amount of water they remove from a damp or previously flooded building than any of our competitors.

“Investing in energy-efficient equipment allows restoration specialists to highlight their green credentials while cutting costs and making themselves more competitive in the marketplace.”