Highlighting the drive for energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important consideration when choosing which dehumidifier to buy.

Ecor Pro’s advanced technology ensures that when it comes to keeping damp away or drying out a building after a flood, its desiccant dehumidifiers will do the job for the lowest overall cost and with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Our industry leading machines are simply more efficient, removing up to four times more water than equivalent refrigerant models at lower temperatures – and because the water is pumped away as a vapour, there is no chance of a secondary leak of flood.

Construction UK magazine, a leading trade publication with an audience of more than 88,000 readers, asked consultant Jerry Gibbs, a renowned expert on the science behind dehumidifiers and an important part of the Ecor Pro team, whether using a desiccant dehumidifier was a better option than using positive input ventilation (PIV).

Jerry pointed out that a desiccant humidifier is “not just far more efficient than a refrigerant unit at removing moisture from the air, It also avoids the need to keep the central heating running constantly to
top up the heat that would be expelled by a PIV system.” The full feature, which focused on Ecor Pro’s DH1200 (EPD50) model, is shown below.

With energy at current prices and the need to protect the environment very much still at the top of the agenda, choosing an Ecor Pro dehumidifier for your home, business or remediation project clearly makes financial and environmental sense.