Example of Applications

Work & Outdoor Clothes

Meat, Fruit & Food Stuffs


Herbs & Marijauana (where legal)

University Testing

Ski & Walking Wear

Production Processes

Fire Services Equipment

Often used in Museums to keep display items protected

- stainless steel often used with food stuffs


Home Dehumidifiers EU & USA Models

EPD200 DryFan 200 Pt Desiccant Dehumidifier

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Easiest Sealed Cabinet Very Low Humidity REQUIRED

drying cabinet for coffee
dehumidifiers for basement

Can I use any other ecor pro desiccant?

Of course a neutral pressure is needed for an area that is sealed such as a walk in freezer.  The DH3500 INOX / EPD200 PRO is often used in smaller walk in chill rooms.  This helps to stop ice building on the floor and a slipping hazard.  It also helps preserve the food longer and puts less load on the refrigeration system saving energy costs.  To see more see here.