EPMANFC25 Manifold Kit with Wheeled Bag and Eight Ports 16mm & 25mm Inserts

Hose system for easy installation during pressure or suction drying walls, ceilings or floors.
Ecor Pro’s EPMANCF25 hose systems can be used to transport air while suction or pressure drying. The hose system is modular and includes hoses, pipe bends and two sets of eight silicon rubber spigots EPMAN-M (Mushroom) 25mm & EPMAN-L (Long) 16mm spigot. No need for two different manifold systems. The system, which has CAMLOC couplings, makes an installation simple, quiet and reliable. Several hose systems can be coupled together as the product easily daisy chains. The central cap chain ring allows for stacking and hanging on walls.

Manifold Consists 
8x male spigots
7x Female blanking caps with chains small rings on top
1x Female spigot
1 x Cap holder moved to the end holding a large ring
7 x chains connected to large ring
1 x Dry Air Input Assembly
8 x EPMAN-M silicone rubber mushroom spigot 25mm
8 x EPMAN-L silicone rubber long spigot 16mm
8 x Hose Assembly
8 x 90° Bend Assembly
1 x Carrying Bag
1 x Brown Transport Carton

Hose Assembly
1x female hose connector
1x hose – 4m long wire support 25mm internal diameter
1 x male hose connector
2 x Over center clips

90°Bend Assembly
1x Female connector
1x 90 degree bend
1x hose connecter

Dry Air Input Hose Assembly
1 x 1m hose 52mm internal diameter wire support
1 x Over Center Clamp
1 x jubilee clip for reducer
1 x reducer
1 x Male connector 25mm

Connects to any 50mm turbine

Weight 19.5 kg
Dimensions 78 × 45 × 40 cm
Gross Weight (kg)


Nett Weight (kg)


Input Duct Diameter (mm)


Number of outlets


Can be daisy chained


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