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Un refrigerante o un deshumidificador "compresor" Guía fácil

D850 / D950 / D1100
Operational Parameters

1). When room humidity is reaches reset level (or < -2% RH), unit will stop dehumidifying

   – COMPRESSOR OFF – POWER indicator OFF (compressor in 3 minutes protection mode)

   – FAN will be OFF after 10 minutes – H/L LED indicator OFF

Within 10 minutes, if the humidity is > set level + 3%RH, COMPRESSOR will turn ON again for dehumidifying)


One COPPER head sensor for internal refrigeration tube temperature) and one RESIN head sensor to sense room temperature through air drawn through the filter.

    STEP A:

    a). When Room Temperature (RT) ≤16℃, the Copper head sensor will not sense the tube temperature.

b). When 5℃≤ RT ≤12℃, COMPRESSOR ON 30 min./ OFF 10 min.

    c). When 12℃< RT ≤16℃, COMPRESSOR ON 45 min./ OFF 10 min.

    d). When RT < 5℃, Unit will not ON or STOP automatically.

    STEP B:

    e). When RT >16℃, and COMPRESSOR working 45 min., Copper head sensor starts to sense copper temperature.  

When Copper tem. ≤ -1℃, COMPRESSOR OFF / FAN still ON=> starts Defrost 10 min.

    f). After 10 min., will repeat condition “e” procedure and RECYCLED.

    g). Under “e” condition but NOT in 10 min. defrost, if RESIN head sensor RT≤16℃, unit system will revert back to STEP A.