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Partnership announcement ECOR PRO & Tuya

ECOR PRO is going smart with the globally recognized Tuya standard.

ECOR PRO is convinced that any additional smart, connected features to its products should be reliable and future-proof. We have found an expert in Tuya Smart, frontrunner in designing and maintaining a digital platform and assuring it is connected with other open platforms like Google. With large, respected companies joining its platform all the time, we feel Tuya is the company that will have the knowledge and scale to maintain its worldwide standard for many years to come.

Therefore, ECOR PRO is pleased to announce its partnership with Tuya Smart, a leading artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

ECOR PRO is a well-established international trading partner with over 15 years' specialist experience in manufacturing the best-in-class indoor and outdoor home and commercial climate solutions for all seasons around the world.

Tuya’s outstanding IoT platform will strengthen ECOR PRO's focus on the development of high-quality controlled climate care smart home solutions that have even more applications to industry and flood restoration businesses.

The partnership with Tuya ties in with our vision that our product solutions should help people improve their interior climates and as with industrial applications save time together with cost. Intelligent smart climate care and comfort solutions with Tuya Smart app access and customer service will deliver an even better consumer experience.

Safe and Secure

While Tuya Smart and Smart Life apps are generally considered safe, it's important to note that no system is completely immune to security risks. Tuya Inc., the company behind these apps, is a well-established IoT platform company with a strong track record and significant investments in research and development. The apps have undergone reviews by Google Play and the App Store, which adds another layer of assurance.

Tuya Cloud, which powers the apps, employs a five-layer security strategy to ensure the security of smart devices and protect against information leakage:

  1. Data encryption: Tuya Cloud uses military-grade AES data encryption, making it extremely difficult to decipher even if the device is stolen.

  2. Authorization and authentication: Tuya's algorithm ensures data isolation, connection authentication, and triple control for requests, enhancing security measures.

  3. Dynamic key: Tuya Cloud utilizes dynamic keys and passwords, providing an additional layer of security. Even if the algorithm is exposed, device security can still be maintained.

  4. Channel encryption: Tuya Cloud employs HTTPS encryption for network transmission, ensuring the security of data during communication.

  5. Virtual device design: Tuya Cloud incorporates virtual device design, allowing for quick recovery even in the event of hacking attempts.

Additionally, Tuya Cloud isolates corporate data for enterprise customers, ensuring the security of customer data. Different data storage services are provided for various business scenarios, encrypting and storing core data appropriately.

While these measures demonstrate Tuya's commitment to data security, it's always recommended to stay vigilant, keep your devices and apps updated, and follow best practices for securing your smart home devices.