1: Is there Power?

Please never operate this appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug.
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by an approved service
representative or a similar qualified person in order to avoid any hazards.

Make sure there is power to the socket or spur that is going to be used.

  • Turn the socket switch on where fitted.
  • Do not put the dehumidifier in a lighting circuit. Only connect to a power circuit else you may experience lights flickering or even an overloading of the lighting circuit.
  • Ensure there is a suitable RCD or fuse in the circuit being used to cope with the unit.
  • Any electrical spur should be independently fused for full protection. Consult a qualified electrician if in doubt.
  • A simple method to test the dedicated socket for the dehumidifier is simply plug another portable appliance into that same power socket of similar power consumption e.g. a hair dryer.

2: IS the dehumidifier tested?

Ensure the D850/D950 dehumidifier is working when it comes out of the box and prior to any installation by making sure the display board turns on.

We appreciate that damage can occur in transport.

  • Plug in the dehumidifier into the tested socket.
  • Make sure ON/OFF button has been pressed and fan can be heard running.
  • Press the HUMIDITY button to make sure to choose the desired level of humidity and to make sure the display board of the dehumidifier is working.
  • The dryer you want to make the space, the lower the number you set it to.
  • Humans feel comfortable between 55-75% Relative Humidity (RH). It should be noted that achieving humidity levels less than this in domestic environments may take some specialist knowledge.
  • The yellow CNT control light shows that the unit is running continuously, disregarding the relative humidity level in the area.
  • The COMP control light will be on when the compressor is running.

You can tell the dehumidifier is working when water begins to be drained away from gravity from the hose pipe at the back.


There should be direct access to the electrical plug after connecting the power, hence, there should be no extension cord to reach an outlet.

Please be aware of the following conditions and do not use the dehumidifier for the following:

  • If the power cable wires are frayed or cut.
  • When small children may be left unattended
  • If an extension cord is needed to reach an outlet.
  • Where the power cable may be damaged.
  • Where it may be damaged by chemicals.
  • Where there is a risk of interference by foreign objects.
  • Close to a heat source.


Putting the unit too close from the front grill to the roof, this can cause defrost issues, thus the unit may stop.


d950 control panel dehumidifiers by Ecor Pro

Common Issues

Accordion Panel

Please contact ourselves directly regarding this.

What temperature is the room? Freezing temperatures could be responsible for this.

The drain tray spigot may be blocked. If the spigot broken off, then it is not covered by warranty. The unit may not be on an even surface. If there is a kink in the drain pipe, this will leak water.
The refrigeration pipe touches inside wall (making the case a cooled surface).

If the unit is blowing hot air and the unit is rattling, please turn off immediately.

A reason for the low noise you may hear is because the fan runs all the time.

Is the display displaying correctly? Is the drain pipe low enough?

A scratching noise may be due to something in the fan.

View the Dehumidifier Videos

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Reach out to us here and perhaps we can advise more.  You can send pictures of your installation to us.  Just first make contact with your details and one of our advisers will be in contact.