4 Secado del hueco

Four-hole drying suggests there are two internal fan motors allowing pressure neutral drying.

Pressure neutral drying is by far the fastest way to dry with a dehumidifier alone. Four-Hole dehumidifiers can always be used in the “Three-Hole” model.

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Smaller duct sizes means easier transport and storage. Thus, easier to handle on the drying job. Hence, easier to vent through outlets.

1/4 del tamaño físico

When a dehumidifier is fewer than 52 lbs, it can be carried by one person. This means fewer transport and labour costs for restoration companies.

Cuando no se utiliza, el espacio de almacenamiento y el espacio de los camiones para el transporte suelen ser consideraciones primordiales para los contratistas. 

construyendo deshumidificadores de secadores por Ecor Pro
medidor de amperios de deshumidificador en deshumidificadores de desecantes de Ecor Pro
interruptor de deshumidificador para humidistato para deshumidificadores de Ecor Pro

¿Un cable de alimentación o dos?

Los deshumidificadores Dri-Eaz y Pheonix tienen grandes necesidades de energía. Se utilizan dos cables de alimentación para superar las restricciones de suministro de energía de entrada de 220V en la mayoría de los hogares norteamericanos que están en 110V (110V se suele denominar 115V debido a la fluctuación de voltaje). 

In Europe, using two power cords on the same electrical product is actually not allowed so we have taken this consideration as best practice. Ecor Pro uses only one power cord. Easier to operate, safer and prepared for possible future tighter legislation in the North American dehumidifier design. 


More “green” and more cost effective. Calculating the amount of power needed to extract one pint of water is probably the most accurate benchmark or rather best test in terms of efficiency.

Ecor Pro has come out time and time again as best-in-test. Not just in testing laboratories but more importantly by customers considering moving to Ecor Pro dehumidifier models. 

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