• All Ecor products in the DryBoat® range don’t need a water container or drain hose.
  • Vents water to the outside instead; thus, minimal maintenance and no issues with pitch and roll of the vessel.
  • No fear of secondary flooding.
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DH1200 / EPD50
Bester Boot-Luftentfeuchter


110 Volt oder 220 Volt

  • Safety is paramount.
  • 220V is not always available; when moored use the show electricity supply to power the dehumidifier.
Ganzhaus-Luftentfeuchter für zu Hause
Luftentfeuchter für Kellerräume 1000 sq ft

316 Stahl für die Schifffahrt

  • Only Ecor Pro desiccant dehumidifiers are 316 marine grade stainless steel inside and out, built for longevity.

Äußerst kompakt

  • Built for power and efficiency. 
  • The small casing can be mounted in any orientation, even upside down.
  • Anchor feet swivel out to provide securing points when needed. For example, mounting on bulk heads.
Boot-Luftentfeuchter von Ecor Pro
Bootskabinen-Luftentfeuchter von Ecor Pro
Luftentfeuchter-Filterhalter Trockenmittel-Luftentfeuchter von Ecor Pro


  • Easy to maintain and service. 
  • The DryBoat® range was thought with longevity in mind. 
  • Easy to access, keeping device costs low. 
  • Maintenance has been made simple with common duct sizes to give more options.

Druckneutrale Trocknung

  • Larger models have the option of pressure neutral drying. 
  • No need to draw outside air into the craft of shipping container.
  • Purged air can be taken directly into the dehumidifier, helping efficiency, performance and protecting the environment.
energy star Luftentfeuchter für Kellerräume
Maschinenraum-Luftentfeuchter von Ecor Pro
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Bester Boot-Luftentfeuchter

  • DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO DryBoat dehumidifiers are an essential investment to protect the interiors of a yacht over the winter months.
  • The DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO DryBoat has no need to empty the water due to the fact that moisture is simply vented away.
  • No water to spill, hose to block and cause flooding or have to fashion a hose into the sink, eliminating the worry of water damage on the boat from the condensate itself.
  • The in-built fastening feet allow secure anchoring of the DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO DryBoat even upside down or on a bulk head.
  • Additionally, if the power fails, the DH1200 INOX / EPD50-PRO DryBoat will just restart.
  • 110V option for the USA and Europe are available and both will work with square rectified stepped up 12VDC to AC domestic models.

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