DH1200 DryFan 12L Trockenmittel-Luftentfeuchter

Home dehumidifer that is tough enough for the flood restoration industry.  220V supply 50 Hz that can be run off a 12V DC-220V AC converters or 110V to 220V transformers, auto power reset in case of power supply interruption. “3-hole” technology commercial desiccant dehumidifier; water removal 12 litres maximum extraction. Operating range from -20°C up 40°C maximum room temperature for continuous drying applications, with 210 m3/hr air volume capacity (180 m3/hr – Process / 30m3/hr – exhaust air flow). Highly efficient, very quiet fan operation and yet low energy consumption in use for large moisture extraction capacity. 52dB Process air in 125mm – Process air out 125mm – Exhaust air 40mm

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Positive or Negative Focus Flood Drying

Tent can not be sealed (3-hole drying). More effective to seal the tent using a 4-hole system
Positive Pressure Splitting Dry Airflow

Positive Pressure Splitting Dry Airflow 2

Floor Flood Positive Pressure Outside Tent

Negative PressureSimply put the dehumidifier in the room or tent and exhaust the wet air outside of the tent or outside of the room.

How to set up a drying tent


Ideal for Flood Drying, Building Maintenance & Storage.

12 litre Desiccant Dehumidifier 220V / 50Hz.

Performs as Well as a 25 Litre Compressor @18°C.

Freistehend oder installiert.

Industrial dehumidifier DH1200 steel construction with tough epoxy paint finish.Very small for its 12 litre capacity. Will dry 24/7 and dry even down to -20°C/-4°F. Can work up to 40°C/104°F.

Steel Inside & Out.Tough Enough Even for Hiring or Restoration.

Can be carried by one person. Transported easily with removable carrying handles.Self-regulating energy usage that adapts to air pressure differences using always the right amount of power to dry effectively

3 Hole Dehumidifier.

Die eingehende Prozessluft ist staubgefiltert und getrocknet. Die Eingangsluft kann mit einem 125 mm / 5″-Kanal ein- und ausgeleitet werden. Die Nassluftabfuhr erfolgt über einen 40 mm / 1,5″-Kanal.

Thus, Ecor Pro’s research shows that the DH1200 will be four to seven times faster at drying buildings at low temperatures than a traditional compressor dehumidifiers

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Erklärte Merkmale

Highly Compact – Small 12 Litre dehumidifier in the market.

Dust Filter – Simple reticulated dust filter in a metal frame. Shake clean or easily replaced. Prevents dust particles entering the unit and impeding performance.
Easy Repair – Maintenance and eventual repair have been thought through with an easy to remove cover that gives easy access to replace cord sets or warn parts by a qualified persons quickly. Prolonging the lifetime of the dehumidifier.
On Four Feet – Design patented anti scratch plastic feet.  Swivel out to provide anchor points for the dehumidifier.
Carrying Handle – Easy to carry by one person. Removable handle for installation. Replaced by a top lid without handle.
Humidistat Connection – There is both and internal humidistat fitted & the possibility to put on an external humidistat but one can also be added very simply. A jack plug connector is on the on the humidistat EPHUM24DF. This will turn the dehumidifier on an off automatically remotely if the dehumidifier is concealed or ducted in position.

Perfekt für jedes Klima.

Duct Air-In & Out - Der Luftentfeuchter hat alle Kanäle mit Flanschen versehen, so dass Kanäle mit 125mm / 5″ harten oder flexiblen Kanälen hinzugefügt werden können.

Wet Air Exhaust – The has one internal fan. The moisture is vented away allowing it to work in colder temperatures. The moisture is purged from the system by 15% of the process air so will dry with slight negative pressure.“Three Hole System” –  One inlet and two outlets.
Note that the DH12XX dehumidifiers have a process air outlet flange.  The DH8XX models do not.  Thus, dry air ducts into a space.
Netzanschluss - Also, 220V Versorgung 50Hz
Auto Reset - Bei einer Unterbrechung der Stromversorgung setzt der Luftentfeuchter seinen Betrieb fort, sobald die Stromversorgung wieder hergestellt wurde. Perfekt an Orten, an denen eine "schmutzige" Stromversorgung vorhanden ist, die andere elektronisch gesteuerte Produkte beeinträchtigen kann.
Ganzmetallkonstruktion - Ganzmetall mit Epoxidlackierung, wärmebehandelt für Festigkeit innen und außen. Ausgelegt für Langlebigkeit.
5m / 15′ Netzkabel - Keine Notwendigkeit, Kabel zu verbinden, wenn sie z. B. in Kriechräumen oder auf Dachböden im Haus platziert werden.

Design Product In    (No CAD Drawing Available)

PDF Surface View

Includes Dimensions

Line Diagram


Dehumidifier Installation

This is a 3-Hole dehumidifier meaning that there is one  fan inside.  It is a turbo fan like the other larger units in the range.  Part of the dried process air is turned around, heated and used to purge the internal adsorption wheel of moisture that can be then vented away.

Moisture is "vented away".  No water is produced.  The moist air is vented to the outside or moved to another area that is well ventilated. Most common installation. If the machine is in the room being dried the internal humidistat can be used to regulate humidity.  If ducted and outside the room or house being dried an external humidistat may be needed.

Perfect for crawl space areas or attic areas.  Close openings to the crawl space and the unit will regulate the humidity.  Use ducting to help spread the dry air around the crawl space area.
Recirculating the air to be dried gives a compound effect and gives faster drying.  This system is a "Negative Pressure" system.   Air has to replace the air that has been exhausted.  In a normal home air is actually being replaced  frequently typically 2.5 times per hour. No home is air tight.
The dehumidifier can be hidden from sight.  It can be placed in a cupboard, in a ceiling void or under a floor.  Dry air is taken from the room, dried and then clean, dry filtered air returned.  External humidistat may be needed in that instance.

To read more about garages see here

Perfect for crawl space areas or attic areas.  Close openings to the crawl space and the unit will regulate the humidity.  Use ducting to help spread the dry air around the crawl space area.

Strong Machine Even Used For Commercial Spot Drying

The model is build to a standard that professionals can also use.  The machine is perfect for focus drying.  Wet air is focussed to where the moisture is. Example of "Positive Pressure" or forcing the dry air into areas it is needed
Having the machine in the area being dried and recirculating the air is the most efficient way of drying.  This system is "Negative Pressure. In a small enclosure, covered with plastic sheeting a frame is needed to ensure the tent maintains structure.  Rooms generally are not air tight so in larger rooms air can leak under doors etc

Used on Boats as a "Carry on" or Installed

Perfect for ducting around the boat or for area such as cabin, engine room or forward locker.  Read More

Gewicht 7.2 kg
Abmessungen 44 × 26 × 28 cm
(L x B x H)-(Gewicht)

11,81" x 7,87" x 7,87" - 14,11 lbs



Maximaler Auszug


Leistung / Stecker / Kabellänge

500W, 220V, 50Hz, 2,2A / Ja BS/EU



Farbe / Material

Weiß / Weichstahl Epochenfarbe


40mm (1,5")-125mm (5")

Schwimmbad bereit


Humidistat Innen / Humidistat Option

Ja / Ja


Ja / Nein / 3m


1 / 52dB

Temperatur öffnen

Minus 20?C bis plus 40?C

Neustart bei Stromausfall / Funktioniert vom DC-AC Coverter

Ja / Ja

Luftstrom m3/h

124 Prozess / 20 Absaugung

Neustart bei Stromausfall


Werke von DC-AC Coverter





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