Déshumidificateurs silencieux pour les sous-sols 

What is the Best Basement Dehumidifier?
The best basement dehumidifier should be safe. With over 6 million dehumidifiers recalled for safety issues in the USA alone, this should not be taken for granted. A basement dehumidifier needs to work all day and every day.

Considerations that should be given
Dehumidifiers sometimes need an internal pump or basement sump to pump the collected water away to a higher level.

Usually, the basement is extra living space. Living space is a premium. We use the dehumidifier to collect water in the air that attacks the basement furnishings and sometimes wall decoration in extremes. 

However, what happens if the pump on the dehumidifier or sump fails?
What happens if the drain pipe blocks or kinks or blocks? Water can then flood from the dehumidifier ruining carpets and furnishings.

If you don’t use continuous drainage then you need to empty the water container every day.

This time to empty the water container is time from your day and you must provision for times when you are not at home.

Pas besoin de vider le réservoir d'eau grâce à la technologie DryFan.

Other Points to Consider
There is the risk of secondary flood.  There is also the issue of physical space.  A “normal” dehumidifier takes up floor space and it makes a noise.

This noise has a low tone that some find more irritating than just a fan noise.

These normal dehumidifiers exhaust air at face height when a person is seated.  This makes the irritation more pronounced causing a stronger draught.

A Word of Warning!
Most user manuals state “do not use unattended” but many are being used unattended.

Commercial grade products are designed to work all day and every day.

Commercial grade was also though too expensive for home owners but not with the Ecor Pro range.

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Les déshumidificateurs Ecor Pro sont de qualité commerciale mais peuvent être utilisés pour la maison. Ils peuvent également être utilisés sans danger et sans surveillance. 

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